ALMANDE is a Portuguese swimwear and resort wear brand that was born in 2021, stemming from our founder’s dream to create a sustainable brand, designed for the modern demanding woman who is increasingly aware of her choices. 

We create versatile pieces with high quality materials so that they can be worn many times and in the most varied ways. Timeless pieces providing comfort and sophistication from the beach to sun-bathed walks. 

We believe in a more ethical and transparent fashion industry. Our pieces are produced in the north of Portugal, minimizing waste and using the most ecological materials. Made to last. We want to give voice to a battle that is also ours: durable quality clothing at fair prices.


We are aware that the act of buying has become much more than simply purchasing a product. By purchasing a product from ALMANDE you are not only adding a beautiful and well-made piece to your wardrobe (modesty aside), but also supporting the values of our company and joining us on our mission to make the fashion industry a fairer and more conscious space.

For the confection of our pieces we prioritize natural fabrics such as linen and organic cotton. In addition to being some of the best materials for our skin, they are also better for the environment. Natural and sustainable fabrics have the advantage of being biodegradable and do not use microplastics that contaminate our environment during the manufacturing process.

We consciously opted for an online sales channel, in order to be able to deliver the best quality at the lowest price. Our clothes are exclusively made in Portugal, at the hands of the best and most experienced professionals, reducing waste. Some of our pieces we only produce after determining the demand, so sometimes you will have to wait a little longer for your purchase, but we promise it will be worth it. The pre-sale model allows us to say “No” to overproduction, which is currently one of the main environmental threats.

Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard. In our case, what really matters is what's inside the box!

More than a fashion brand, we aim to be a source of information and establish a collaborative mission with our community in order to spread the message and act together towards a more sustainable future. We leave you with the invitation to follow our instagram @almande.label and to participate in our initiatives!

Our Founder

Barbara Corby is a journalist who started her digital journey in 2017 sharing her experiences, as well as her views and suggestions on fashion, beauty and travel. Today, she heads up all creative aspects of our ALMANDE brand as our creative director, which is a reflection of her personal style and easygoing approach to life.